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A few Dyno charts. Dont get too involved with comparing numbers with other dynos or the manufacturer "specs"

Different dynos etc etc. Manufacturers typically quote BHP which is Brake HP at the crank. RWHP (at the wheel) will typically be BHP less 10-20% depending on the bike.

A lot of the charts are there to show the effects of certain things like exhaust and aircleaner changes rather than the out and out HP.
Show trends and things.

All of our Dyno testing is RWHP corrected to SAE J1349

All our curves a derived from Step Testing. We can do sweep (inertia) testing but its only good for comparing runs on the actual bike under test. Inertia testing can be affected by the brand and size of tyre, and the gearing so even testing the same bike but with different tyres and gearing will lead to differing results. Step testing is unaffected by gearing or tyres. By tyres i am talking about the inertial mass of different tyres affecting the output. Gearing changes the relative rear wheel speed which affects the rear wheel inertia and windage and parasitic losses are also different at different drum speeds.

Here is an example of Inertia Testing in different gears. Same bike. Free HP!!

So comparing Dyno numbers is a lottery at best. Your best bet is dont get too wound up because Joe Blow has more HP on his chart. See who gets around the track or down the strip quickest, thats the only HP that counts.


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